I'm an AudioJungle Reviewer!

2014-04-13 00:00:18 by deadlyfishes


I've officially been hired to be part of the AudioJungle Review Team! So for any of you out there on NG who regularly upload to AudioJungle, I am very excited to hear your new submissions!

If you have any questions regarding uploading to AudioJugle, how to properly submit files, or anything else please let me know, I'd be more than glad to help out!

Many of you may already be familiar with AudioJungle and how it works, but if anyone out there is interested in potentially making some good money for your short loops, music tracks of all kinds, sound effects, musical logos and anything audio you can sign up for free right now! Click here to get started!


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2014-04-13 04:21:57

'grats mate! Well deserved! You definitely know your stuff!


2014-04-13 09:10:51

This is huge! Congratulations!


2014-04-13 10:27:45

That sounds like a sweet gig! Congrats :D


2014-04-14 20:06:57

Well, call me ignorant, but what is AudioJungle, and what is its purpose ?