2016 Submissions

NG AudioPortalPodcast#006 Music Podcast
Damage Rock Opener Heavy Metal Song
Dramatic Incidental Cue Cinematic Song
Cinema/Theater Logo Cinematic Song
Beyond the Clouds Jingle Cinematic Song
Magical Orchestra Cue Cinematic Song
Heroic Action Cue Cinematic Song
Project Identity Cinematic Song
Tales of Zale: Episode 1 OST Cinematic Song
Imminent Threat Cinematic Song
The Last Encounter Cinematic Song
Emerge (Original Edit) Cinematic Song
Deliciously Sour Miscellaneous Song
Sonicality [Dubstep] Dubstep Song
Rise (Main Theme) Techno Song
Stepping Stones Miscellaneous Song
Royal Flush Party Classical Song
Shake & Bake Miscellaneous Song
Dream Raid (Studio) Cinematic Song
Wasteland Overdrive Cinematic Song
Arcana (New Era Version) Cinematic Song
Blackmoor Ninjas Cinematic Song
Blackmoor Tides Cinematic Song
A World of Blue - Reprise Jazz Song
Trouble Makers (Studio) Jazz Song
A World of Blue (Instr.) Jazz Song
Blue Chase (Free Jazz) Jazz Song
A World of Blue (Studio) Jazz Song
Dream Raid (Mock Up Version) Cinematic Song
Little Merry Ego (OST) Cinematic Song
A Conversation wtih Saul Jazz Song
Painted Dreams (Studio) Cinematic Song
Conversing with Saul WIP Jazz Song
My Brother... - NATA Cinematic Song
Volcanic Lands - NATA Cinematic Song
Shake and Bake - NATA Miscellaneous Song
The Great Journey - NATA Classical Song
Evil Wizard - NATA Classical Song
Pursuit Tactics - NATA Video Game Song
Spirit Watcher - NATA Classical Song
Homestead - NATA Classical Song
Serenity - NATA Classical Song
Emerge - NATA Classical Song
Shogun Battle - NATA General Rock Song
Second Day - NATA Classical Song
Little Finch - NATA Classical Song
Seeing Doors - NATA Techno Song
Night Rocket - NATA Video Game Song
Delusions - NATA Classical Song
Human Synthesis - NATA Ambient Song
Eternal Leap - NATA Classical Song
Evasion - NATA Video Game Song
Desolo - NATA Classical Song
Cakeland - NATA Classical Song
Painted Dreams (Mock-Up) Classical Song
Cinema Intro Classical Song
Ireland's Coast Classical Song
Ireland's Coast (OST) Classical Song
Goodbye (Live Recording) Classical Song
Red Doors v2.0 Techno Song
Tropic Strike (MAC 13) Cinematic Song
Seven Sea Tyrant Heavy Metal Song
The Fall of Heroic Dreams Classical Song
Ascension General Rock Song
The Evil Nutcracker Industrial Song
Circus Dilemma Classical Song
2 Part Invention in Bm Classical Song
Rondo in D Classical Song
Damage Plan [2012] General Rock Song
Sea Breeze [Trance] Trance Song
GTFO Radio - BC 1 Comedy Voice
Scout-Finch Classical Song
Southern Pastures Classical Song
Defying Commodus Classical Song
Wasteland Showdown Classical Song
The Fall of Arcana Classical Song
A Cloudy Morning Jazz Song
ArcLight [Orchestral/Rock Heavy Metal Song
Caketown[cute game music] Classical Song
Luna's Deceit [Dubstep] Dubstep Song
Nightfire (2011) General Rock Song
Damage Plan General Rock Song
Dr. Wily - Mega Man 2 Cover General Rock Song
Ascension [2010] General Rock Song
Synopsis General Rock Song
Zero Hour (2011) Heavy Metal Song
Star Chaser General Rock Song