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Sweet action!

I think you can guess what my favorite part was! All joking around aside, I really did like this short animation! I hope we can collaborate sometime in the near future!

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Hey Helloyourbored,

I really enjoyed this fan rendition that was inspired by Tales of Zale! If you are not familiar with who I am; I'm the composer on the Tales of Zale series, and I wanted to say you did an awesome job with this piece.

I really enjoyed the atmospheric themes here. There are some varying moods here which is quite fitting to the Tales of Zale universe. It's really emotional and heartfelt throughout, and there is a lot of musical ideas here which is also great.

It was somewhat difficult to focus on the music with some of those sound effects, but it did help the entry sound more cinematic, making it sound like there is another media counterpart to go along with this piece, which is essentially what film music is.

The samples are not top-of-the-line, but I could hear through them and can really identify your talent in composition. Someday, when you get some really great sounding orchestra libraries, you'll be making high quality cinematic works in no time!

From a compositional and thematic standpoint, I do think there is room for improvement in terms of establishing a solid thematic musical motif. It's great as background music as it goes on, but a lot of character can truly shine when your piece of music has a very enticing musical theme/motif, even if it is very simple. In cinematic music, this is very essential as thematic elements help to support and compliment the story and plot of it's visual counterpart. Even if you are not writing to picture, keeping this in mind will help you create some wonderful cinematic pieces.

I enjoyed your track and I hope you continue to explore your creativity.


Irish-Soul responds:

I would just like to say that I am 100% honored that you left a review on my song! I have seen other music you make and it is very impressive. I also saw the FL studio makeup of the actual ToZ 2 soundtrack. The skill you have is truly amazing. I aspire to have the skill level you are at. I can also understand why there would be such difficulty implementing this into the actual episode.

I am sure you went soft on the review for my song, for I'm sure it had many other mistakes. I have never made a cinematic song before so this was a HUGE learning experience. GarageBand was one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. I would also like to thank Hikuaran and yourself for this opportunity to join the contest with a song. Thank you for leaving information for a beginner!

As far as musical motifs go, I also agree. Next time I make a cinematic song (Or most songs for that matter) I will focus on creating a motif that will be strong. Thanks for pointing that out or else I may have never noticed that.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!

I could've just eaten some Chipotle and recorded the noises I make a few hours after I ate it. Would've ended up with the same exact result.

But really gross awesome stuff dude :D

Hey there! I'm going to try my review questionnaire template that I have on my tracks, so I hope that's okay with you.

1. What what were some of the first musical ideas/elements in this track caught your attention?
>>> Considering your use of tonal samples, the background music you've provided under the samples fit quite well with the chopped up samples. Awesome!

2. What are some aspects of this track you think may need improvement and how would you personally improve on it?
>>> I feel like the sampled elements should be a bit more legible, both in understanding what the vocals were saying as well as more clarity on the tonal elements of the sample.

3. Could you see this track being used for a professional commercial setting? If so, where would this track be applicable? (i.e. video games, TV, movie soundtrack)
>>> This just sounds like a fun track to listen to for fun :D

4. If I've noted this track's function ("Made for a video game" etc...) do you feel that I've potentially fulfilled it's purpose for said use?
>>> n/a

5. How is the recording/mixing/production quality overall? (1-10 rating is fine, feel free to write more if you'd like to make some points about the production quality).
>>> Some of the percussion elements aren't mixed too well with the overall timbre the track creates. It's a bit too upfront and punchy especially with the snares and cymbals.

6. Do you feel this track is well arranged and composed as a stand-alone piece and/or a functional (to be applied for commercial/professional use) piece of music?
>>> As this is mostly a remix/sampled sort of track it actually executes that quite well. Nice work!

I am a video game/film music composer. I would love to work with you in a new project! If you wish to contact me feel free to send me a message here.

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