Woo hoo! Placed in another contest!

2013-02-22 11:16:02 by deadlyfishes

Sweet! My entry in the MAC 13 Orchestral made it up to 2nd place! Another banner to add to my collection. Hope there will be more contests for me to take on, it's been awesome to be part of these contests with so many great composers!

Woo hoo! Placed in another contest!


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2013-02-22 11:35:01

Stop winning everything man. ;_____;

deadlyfishes responds:

I didn't see you in the last contest!!!!!! Maybe I'll stop winning everything if you were around hehe :)


2013-02-22 16:18:15

we have too many orchestral contests lol


2013-02-24 11:29:44

Haha. Funny. :P

But seriously, congrats on winning so much man. It takes some talent to win all those competitions having not even been here for two years!

deadlyfishes responds:

I've been on NG since the beginning, but just as a lurker on the forums and the many different portals. Thanks though :)