Dungeon Plunder - Now available for iOS!

2013-03-09 23:53:03 by deadlyfishes

Dungeon Plunder is a fun casual roguelike dungeon crawler with randomly generated overland and dungeon maps rendered in crisp, high quality isometric graphics. Dungeon Plunder features original music composed by me!

Check out the game on iTunes

Check out the official game trailer:

Dungeon Plunder gameplay featured on IGN

Moore, Kevin. "The other thing is the music, which is hands down the best thing about the game. Produced by a dude named Matthew Pablo, it's well done, with a great suggestion of adventure. ...I dare you to tell me you don't like it." Swipe Magazine March 6th, 2013. Online Review.

Dungeon Plunder: Official Soundtrack available on iTunes!

Dungeon Plunder - Now available for iOS!


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2013-03-28 19:24:06

Your NATA entries managed to fill in every slot of my activity feed. :O

deadlyfishes responds:

I do apologize for that... It probably won't happen again hahaha.


2013-03-30 14:08:48

Congratulations! And thanks for all the superb music you release for free.