Back from today's recording session...

2013-03-31 19:30:57 by deadlyfishes

Just got back from a long day at the recording studio to record a cue for a film I'm composing music for!

So here's a rough mix from today:

Here's the score/sheet music if anyone is interested:

I've got a long mix and mastering session tomorrow morning so any advice would help a lot!
Thanks guys, have a great Easter, or what's left of it.


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2013-04-01 07:53:18

What kind of advice? You sir, I don't even know what mastering session is, you can be proud of yourself, you're a real musician.

deadlyfishes responds:

Well, if anyone had any insight on mixing techniques, but my mixing session has already happened! I will post up the new tracks when I get back the session files.

Thanks for your comment!

Have a good one!


2013-04-01 22:33:20

This is wonderful! Great job!

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks Ashley, I'm glad you enjoyed it!