NATA 2013 Final Round -- Our submission!

2013-08-07 07:54:49 by deadlyfishes

Hikarian has been one tough competitor this year for the NATA contest, but all things must come to an end and here it is.

I was tasked with scoring Hikarian's entry for the final round, and it has been quite a task. It was pretty difficult to conceptualize only writing for piano to something really awesome like this! I don't want to give away too much so let's get to it now!

----If you guys are wondering about the score and some of my compositional notes, I wrote a little something in the description in the entry as well as the actual score in PDF format.

Here is the entry posted here on NG:

Here is the entry posted on YouTube:

Here is the notation only video posted on my YouTube:

Here is the audio submission here on NG:

Looking for the MP3 download and the PDF Score?
Here is the link from my official website: on-score-8-7-13


NATA 2013 Final Round -- Our submission!


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