Entry #16

Game Conventions and Events!

2016-02-19 17:16:37 by deadlyfishes


Yes, I know, I haven't posted on NG or been active on here since I've been busy with many animations, short films and game soundtrack work the past 2 years or so...

BUT! I wanted to see if any of you will be attending game related events, since there might be a chance of a possible meet-up, hangout, whatever. I will be doing a talk/panel/workshop at some of these events, but for the most part I will be attending, enjoying the sights and exhibiting with some wonderful game developers!

So here are the conventions I'm attending this year:

Game Developer's Confrence - San Francisco, CA (My new hometown, come say hello sometime!)

PAX East - Boston, MA

E3 - Los Angeles, CA

Gamescom - Cologne, Germany

Tokyo Game Show - Tokyo, Japan

PAX Australia - Melbourne, Australia

I would love to hangout and network with some of you guys :D



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